The number of software options available can seem overwhelming with prices range from free to hundreds of dollars. How do you choose? What do you really need in your arsenal to work with your photos? How will you manage your files to be insure they are secure and retrievable?

This presentation was an overview of the many options available for editing and file management with guidelines for narrowing down the selection to meet your particular needs. We looked at the basic requirements for different types of photographers and the functions they really need for the work they do now and the work they aspire to do in the future.

The program focused on how the three main Adobe Photoshop products - Elements, Photoshop Standard and Lightroom - compare on key functions in meeting these requirements. A cross-reference to other programs was also discussed. By the end of the evening you had a better idea of the software that will meet your needs best.

We also covered some of the software options for backing-up and securing your files against data lost and corruption.

For more information open the presentation (PDF).