(Postponed to Fall 2020)

Date: TBA

Time: 10:10AM - 4:30PM
Place: Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St, Duxbury (Merry Room Auditorium)
Workshop Leader: Betty Wiley
Fee: $50

Payment: You can either pay online at https://www.paypal.me/DuxburyCameraClub/50 or send a check for $50 to the club secretary (see  https://www.duxburycameraclub.org/index.php/about-us/membership-info ). NOTE: Please put "RE:Lightroom Workshop" on the check or envelope.

Participants: 12 Maximum

Registration: Send Email to John Kelly to Register for this Workshop BEFORE April 1st

Lunch: Please bring your own bagged lunch. The club will provide drinks and snacks.


This class is aimed at beginners who want to take their Lightroom Skills from beginner to advanced in this intense, one-day workshop. We will go beyond the basics and you will learn not only how to import your images into Lightroom and how to manage them in your catalog, but also how to edit your images to their fullest potential. You will also learn when and how to take your images into Photoshop for further editing, if necessary, as well as how to use plug-ins within Lightroom and how to save your images back into Lightroom so you can easily find them later.

Betty's workflow and insider tips and techniques for successfully using Lightroom will be covered.  The morning will be spent covering the library module, including how to import as well as move images and folders, the use of collections. The develop module will be covered in-depth in the afternoon and you will go beyond simple editing.   Practice files will be given to each student as this class is intended to be hands-on so everyone can easily follow along. Every student will receive a USB with class notes and practice files. 


PHOTO SAMPLES (Edited in Lightroom)


Note: The Workshop will be using Lightroom Classic for this class…not the cloud-based version referred to as Lightroom CC.

If you signup and pay for this course and you are unable to attend, your money will be refunded ONLY IF a student on the wait list fills your spot.

For more information about Betty, see her website at http://bettywileyphotography.com/