Title: Nature Photography Workshop
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021
Time: 10AM to 2PM

SIGNUP: To reserve a spot in the workshop, please contact John Kelly, Workshop Chairman

Instructors:Terri Nickerson and Steve Schroeder.
Location: Field Location TBD; Share and Critique session afterwards via Zoom
Fee: None
Participants: Maximum 10 – Must be fully vaccinated for Covid to attend

Workshop description:
The workshop will have three components – (1) instruction; (2) practice in the field; and (3) sharing and critique of the students’ photos. The workshop will convene at a suitable outdoor location that will be determined close to the workshop date.

During the first part of the workshop, Terri and Steve will cover the technical and artistic aspects of bird photography and macro photography, including equipment, camera settings, field technique, and composition. Students will then spend time in the field taking photographs.

After the field session, the students will go to their homes to share their best photos and have them critiqued by the instructors using Zoom screen sharing.

Prerequisites & Equipment:
Please bring a camera and lens suitable for macro (or close to macro) photography and a lens for bird photography. For macro, this means a lens of any focal length as long as it can produce a 1:1 image, or as close to it (preferably 90 or 100mm). For birds, this means a lens with a focal length of at least 300 mm. Each student should know how to set exposure, metering and focus parameters on their camera. They should also be able to quickly transfer photos from camera to computer and share them via Zoom screen sharing.


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