Facilitator: Camille Neville

Minimalist photography is a form of photography that is distinguished by extreme simplicity. This style emphasizes the use of a minimal number of compositional elements, such as: color, objects, shapes and textures. The aim of minimalist photography is to express a concept, or a distinctive visual experience, in a very simplistic way, that will elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

In this Focus Group, we will learn about the history of Minimalism and discover both the classical and contemporary Masters of this art form. We will also learn about different theories, tips, and techniques that will help us in the making of our own minimalist photos, such as: 

Negative space
Lines, shapes and geometry

The members of the group will be asked to take their own minimalist photos each month and share them with the rest of the group for critique.

For some examples of Minimalist Photos see https://exposureschool.com/minimalist-photography/

We meet the 1st Monday of every month @1pm.