Facilitator: Managed by the Group members

The Fine Art Photography Focus Group is primarily a critique group that explores producing images which fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. The goal is to improve photgraphy skills while building a body of work appropriate for fine art venues such as juried shows, gallery submissions, books and/or slideshows or even your own enjoyment.

This group openly welcomes and encourages digital image manipulation in addition to staged photography techniques. Each session involves group critique and discussion of images submitted monthly from personal work. Members are urged to work with favorite older images as well as newly taken photographs.

New this year, the group will be self-directed and managed by group members. The general format is to present 2-3 images each month of your own work and support each other in detailed discussion of our successes and failures.

New members may choose to include some preliminary activities specific for new members such as:

• A review of your own current work to determine areas or topics of interest you wish to explore
• Present the work of other photographers working that you admire to define visual standards the group will use to help you in your image-making
• Use of creative exercises to see subjects differently or jump start a new area of interest

This group is appropriate for photographers who know the basics of their camera, how to get images onto their computer, and are ready to make personal images that reflect their vision. We will also be exploring image-processing software so access to and familiarity with one or more programs such as Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom Creative Cloud subscription, Photoshop Elements, On1 Raw, Topaz, Lumiere or similar is strongly recommended but is not essential.