Facilitator:  Camille Neville

The Fine Art Photography Focus Group is primarily a critique group that explores producing images which fulfill the artistic creative vision of the photographer. The goal is to improve artistic creativity while building a body of work appropriate for fine art venues such as juried shows, gallery submissions, books and/or slideshows or even for your own enjoyment.

This group openly welcomes and encourages digital image manipulation in addition to staged photography techniques. Each session involves group critique and discussion of images submitted monthly from personal work. Members are urged to work with favorite older images as well as newly taken photographs.

The general format is to present 2-3 images each month of your own work and support each other in detailed discussion of our successes and failures.

The group also encourages it's members to: 

• Determine areas or topics of interest they wish to explore

• Review the works of other Master Photographers (and Artists) to help spark new ideas and creativity.

• Complete creative exercises to see subjects differently and generate ideas.

• Share new and emerging technical skills with other members.


This group is appropriate for the intermediate to advanced photographer who already knows the general rules of composition and knows how to make full use of their cameras. They should also be knowledgable about how to get their images onto their computer and have some familiarity with one or more post processing applications, such as: Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, On1 Raw, Topaz, or Luminar.

If you are already a competent photographer and are ready to move to the next level of creating images that reflect your own unique vision and style, this group is for you.

In general, we meet the 4th Wednesday of the Month @1PM. However, this day may change on occasion to adjust to certain scheduling conflicts.