Date: Sat, April 27, 2019   
Time: 7 am
Carpool: Big-Y Parking Lot in Kingston Rt 53/3A
Price:  approx $77 Ferry Ride
Trip Leader: Frank Moccaldi (Click to Email)


Come with us to this Unique and Wonderful Annual Event on the Island of Nantucket. 

In the morning, we will hop on the Fast Ferry out of Hyannis to get to the Island before the festivities begin. 

Festivities will include a Daffy Antique Car Parade, a Daffy dog competition, and a Daffy Hat Competition. There will also be a children's parade where the kids and their bikes, scooters, and carrigages are all decked out in daffodil decorations.

After the festivites are over, we will hire a van to take us around the island to visit all the major sites, including the old Wind Mill and Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

Up to a $25 discount (club subsidy) on ferry tickets for members only.