Club Committees

There are a number of committees within the Club. If you have any interest in helping with any of these committees please contact the appropriate Club representatives. Thanks in advance. Many hands lighten the load and in many cases they greatly assist in steering the course of the Club.

Steering Committee oversees the overall administration of the club.

Chair: Chris Ruggio
Members: Ellen Barry, Nancy Collins, Frank Moccaldi, Tom Mackin, Judith Montminy, David Murphy, Camille Neville, Terri Nickerson, Steve Schroeder, Pam Webster-Walsh

Workshop Committee arranges for focused, hands-on periodic meetings to further photographic education and technique.

Chair: TBA

The Focus Groups Committee sets up groups of Club members, based on common interests, to meet at their convenience to share and discuss their work.

Chair: Steve Schroeder
Facilitators: Lynne Ford, Camille Neville, Terri Nickerson, Rain Rodolph, Chris Ruggio, Steve Schroeder, Myrna Walsh