Duxbury Camera Club By-Laws


General Provisions

  1. The name of the organization is the Duxbury Camera Club (DCC).
  2. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at the Duxbury Free Library.
  3. The fiscal year is September 1 – August 31.



The Duxbury Camera Club is formed to support the study, understanding, improvement and enjoyment of photography.


Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee is the governing body of the organization.
  2. The Steering Committee shall determine the number of Committee members and the manner in which they are nominated and appointed. At a minimum, however, all Committee chair people, DCC's immediate past-President (if still a DCC member), and all DCC officers shall be members of the Steering Committee.
  3. The Steering Committee will determine the length of tenure for Committee members, other than officers.
  4. Meetings of the Steering Committee may be called by the President or by a majority of the Committee members, with at least seven days notice. A majority of Committee members constitutes a quorum for voting purposes.
  5. From time to time, Committee decisions may be made by group email or phone conference call.
  6. Should a vacancy occur on the Steering Committee, that position will be filled by the Committee if deemed necessary.
  7. The Club By-Laws may be amended at anytime, by a majority vote, of the Steering Committee.



  1. The officers of the organization shall be a President, and a Secretary/Treasurer. They shall each serve one two-year term, which can be renewed at the end of the term.
  2. The officers shall be elected by majority vote of the Steering Committee before the first meeting of the fiscal year following a two-year term. Two-year terms may be renewed by election by the Committee.
  3. The President presides over all Steering Committee and general DCC meetings and also oversees operation of the DCC as directed by the Steering Committee. The President will designate a Steering Committee member to preside in the event of his/her absence.
  4. The Secretary/Treasurer keeps the minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committee, is custodian of the organization's records, sends out notices as needed and performs duties assigned by the Steering Committee. This officer is also responsible for all funds, receives moneys due, pays obligations of the organization, and reports treasury activity to the Steering Committee.



  1. Payment of yearly dues, in an amount set by the Steering Committee, shall be made by the first general meeting in September; however, members may join or rejoin any time during the year at the full membership rate. Students 18 and younger may join for free.
  2. Failure to pay dues in a timely manner shall preclude enjoyment of benefits connected with the payment of dues.
  3. If dues are not paid within 30 days of the due date, a $5 late fee shall be charged. 
  4. Guests may attend one Club meeting for free.


Additional Provisions

  1. All funds of the organization are to be deposited to the credit of the organization in a bank selected by the Steering Committee.
  2. Steering Committee members and officers will receive no payment for their duties. This does not preclude their receiving payment for rendering of service to the DCC outside their normal duties.
  3. The DCC will reimburse Club Officers and Steering Committee Members for reasonable expenses that are directly related to DCC activities. Expenses over one-hundred dollars ($100) must be previously approved by the Steering Committee.
  4. Officers and Steering Committee Members are not liable for indebtedness incurred by the DCC.
  5. Competitions and other activities sponsored or organized by the DCC are to be conducted according to rules and procedures as may be established by the Steering Committee.
  6. No officer or Steering Committee member or any other representative of the DCC may take any action or carry on any activity on behalf of the organization without prior approval of the Steering Committee.
  7. Should the DCC dissolve, the Steering Committee will satisfy all indebtedness of the DCC to the extent assets of the organization permit, and dispose of all assets exclusively for the interests of the organization.
  8. All charitable donations made by the organization will be at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee.

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