Q - I am a beginner in photography. Will I be welcome?

A - Yes!  Everyone is welcome whether you use a point-and-shoot camera, an advanced digital SLR, or no camera at all. The beauty of the Duxbury Camera Club is that we are here to learn from each other. We have beginners and we have very advanced shooters who are extremely generous in sharing their knowledge.

Q - What is your membership make-up?

A - We now have approximately 80 members. Some of these are alumni of the old Duxbury Camera Club from nearly thirty years ago, but many more are enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We are working together to make this a vibrant, robust club for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Q - Must I join to attend a meeting?

A - No, you do not have to be a member to attend a monthly meeting. You may visit one monthly meeting before joining us.  However workshops, critiques, field trips and other activities are open to members only. We work to keep our dues low. There is no fee for students 18 or under.

Q - How can I learn to use the website?

A - Once you log in (members only), you will find USER GUIDES under the USER MENU.

Q - How can I upload images taken during field trips?

A - You can either upload them to your own personal gallery (see USER GUIDES) or to the Field Trip gallery for that field trip.  Once you log in (members only) you will see SUBMIT A FIELD TRIP PHOTO under the USER MENU.

Exploring Outdoors

Photography Exhibit
by Jim Curran

March 12 - May 5