Facilitator: Camille Neville

Any aspiring photographer should give a considerable amount of attention to the “composition” of his/her images.  Composition is a key aspect of photography and is a way of storytelling.  It can create balance, or tension, and can also serve to guide the viewer’s eye towards the most important (or dramatic) elements of the image.  In this group, we will learn and apply many of the standard principles of composition, such as:

  • Rule of thirds
  • Filling the Frame
  • Simplifying the Scene
  • S-Curves
  • Leading Lines
  • Diagonals
  • Color
  • Perspective
  • Frame within a Frame
  • Creating Depth

 Each month we will explore and practice at least two different principles.  So be prepared to participate by taking, and sharing, new photographs on a monthly basis.  Although the meeting time is determined by the majority of the group members, last year, we held the meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30PM.